Who we are & How old are we?

Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd “Parry” is an international established company since 1975; armed with a wealth of more than 3 decades of experience in this corporate gifts servicing industry.  We have the ability to do that very special icnoic custom or ODM pieces for our clients.You have the budget & quantity.  We have the experience & expertise to do that one and only one “unique” special customised piece for you.No budget, no worries too, we have the widest range of exstock designs avaliable for your choice as well & you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Design & Customisation Forte

We can design & build for you, using crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, metal & resin fibrous materials.  Not just for awards & gifts but even for that special unusual “never” before constructed bespoke design piece. 

No order is too small, or any request too difficult to fulfil.  With our experience we are in a position to give you realistic guidelines on the available budget you have to work with and the required  timeline to fulfill it.

Assurance of Dateline Met

If you have an order placed with us, you will be in safe hands and can be rest assured that your corporate needs will be well met.

If your goods need to redistributed we can arrange the logistics for you at no extra cost.  Only freight handling. transport charges, custom & excise taxes will have to be be borne at your side.

The Ultimate Difference is the Parry Difference

Buying an award or gift from us will never be the same again.  The journey for the perfect & ultimate piece stops here; we enjoy the process in exploring what we can do for you.

Try us the “Parry Difference” is one that you will enjoy.  Those who have experienced the journey with us have been &  is still with us, since their very first inital contact.  Our relationship with our clients are an ongoing one that we treasure and build over time.