Artwork FAQ



Logo attachments

Acceptable format vector files in “ai”,”fh”, or “cdr” which are adobe illustrator, freehand or coreldraw files. Photo image files in  “jpg” or “bmp” can be used but we may have a problem if your resolution is too small.  Also photo images are flattened and for complicated logos with many colours we will have a problem to separate out the colours correctly for silkscreen purposes.

In the event your jpg and bmp files cannot be used and have to be redrawn in vector file formats, there will be additional cost for doing your artwork. Logos extracted from website cannot be used.

Font file attachments

Accepted fonts – true type fonts & windows postscipt fonts all in pc format

Note : If we have the fonts no problem, if we don’t we will have to purchase the fonts on your behalf and bill you for it.


Pantone Color Reference


Kindly quote us your corporate pantone colr reference so that we can match closest to it.


Note : Without pantone color reference match we will have to match closest to your image, which may differ in color on our screen and also when printed out onto our printers. As such we will not be responsible if color match comes out differently onto our product as we do not have any proper reference guideline to follow.


Computer format used


We can only work with PC file format files, do not attach MAC files as we are unable to open or use them.


Receipient Name List


All receipient name list for trophy or awards recognition will have to be submitted in excel file format, preferably in the same case format that you would like it to appear on your trophy or award.


Note : Avoid using bullets & unnecessary spacing in between names. If there are countries or categories involved, please add it in a separate column next to it.


Artwork fee


All artwork fee may or may not be chargeable and is a one time charge for each design and layout.


Note : All artwork is done inhouse to provide confidentiality of winner names & receipients.